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What's New

v0.2.5, May 15, 2012

Issue Id Type Summary Wiki
pl-632 Task maven-plugin-anno dependency not available in Maven Central Repository

v0.2.4, May 10, 2012

Issue Id Type Summary Wiki
pl-227 Feature Provide artifacts in Maven Central repo
pl-160 Task Switch to Maven 3 and use Aether for dependencies resolution
pl-472 Task Rename plugins to follow "xyz-maven-plugin"
pl-565 Feature Make sure plugins/GCommons work with OpenJDK and Sun JDK 1.7
pl-593 Bug Use toLowerCase() on "svn --version" result
pl-549 Bug copy dependency ignores scope settings
pl-600 Bug stripVersion does not work with maven 3.
pl-571 Bug Using <stripVersion> - copying dependencies with classifier uses the wrong name
pl-548 Bug File filtering fails if destination directory doesn't exist
pl-622 Feature Add <includeOptional> flag to allow collection and resolving of transitive optional dependencies
pl-617 Feature Allow to set compression level when Zip archives are created using Ant
pl-564 Feature Allow to provide static manifest content when archives are created
pl-572 Feature Provide <stripVersion> per <dependency>
pl-562 Feature Better incremental build - <skipPacked> + <skipIdentical> skipping <dependencies> copy
pl-569 Feature Pass execution time as "time" to <process>
pl-568 Feature Add <stripVersion> per <configuration>
pl-625 Task Implement <deploy> with Aether
pl-550 Task Make both <includeScope> and <excludeScope> work together
pl-598 Bug "failOnError" set in last execution is used in following artifact resolution by dependency or copy plugin
pl-601 Feature Respect Maven offline mode
pl-609 Feature Use ExactOrRegexpPatternMatcher to match <classifier>
pl-605 Feature Provide a boolean flag: whether Ivy resolver is injected
pl-607 Feature Accept a single <dependency>, similarly to the copy plugin.
pl-596 Feature Accept comma-separated scopes to set
pl-618 Bug Add <br/> elements to description table where lists are displayed
pl-604 Bug Description table has wrong html for li item
pl-612 Bug Running the maven-jenkins-plugin fails with German locale in March.
pl-587 Bug Job parameter ordering should be predictive
pl-623 Feature Add support for artifactNumToKeep and artifactDaysToKeep
pl-462 Feature Support Mercurial plugin
pl-359 Feature Support Gradle plugin
pl-626 Feature Support for per-executor private Maven repositories
pl-361 Feature Add parent job and children jobs to description table
pl-558 Feature Support arbitrary task types in freestyle builds
pl-560 Feature Provide support for system Groovy scripts run as job tasks
pl-619 Feature Support "Advanced Project Options"
pl-390 Feature Support <incrementalBuild> in Maven advanced options
pl-357 Feature Support GitHub plugin
pl-624 Feature Allow to specify whether parent job tasks should be appended to or overridden
pl-613 Feature New extension points: "prebuilders" and "postbuilders".
pl-588 Feature Add config option for <blockBuildWhenUpstreamBuilding>
pl-595 Feature allow antName in <ant> stanza of freestyle build
pl-251 Task Add tasks (free-style projects) and prebuilders/postbuilders steps (maven projects) to description table
pl-583 Bug NPE in maven-timestamp-plugin

v0.2.3.5, November 13, 2011

Issue Id Type Summary Wiki
pl-435 Task Eliminate CodeNarc violations
pl-496 Bug Reading Maven dependencies doesn't produce list of dependencies when plugins are built
pl-428 Bug <dumpSCM>true</dumpSCM> may cause Maven to stuck when run in Jenkins
pl-483 Bug Getting Git commit fails when Maven plugins are built
pl-398 Feature Provide TeamCity server link and full link to build configuration
pl-533 Bug Execution fails when <file> specified doesn't exist even if <failIfNotFound> is "false"
pl-524 Bug Copying files doesn't preserve origin's last modified time
pl-515 Bug <nonFilteredExtensions> is case-sensitive
pl-522 Bug <process> may get duplicate "files" if <preservePath> is false
pl-516 Bug Order of files is not kept when "files" list is passed to <process>
pl-486 Bug Copy plugin occasionally fails with "IllegalArgumentException: wrong number of arguments"
pl-503 Bug Copy plugin SCP exception - Cannot invoke method call() on null object
pl-488 Bug When copying <dependency> - <destFileName> can be ignored if dependency is built in the same reactor
pl-539 Feature Use <optional>, <failIfNotFound>, and <failOnError> to prevent build from failing on resolving dependencies
pl-542 Feature Provide <targetRoots> and <targetRoot> similarly to <targetPaths> and <targetPath>
pl-541 Feature Support <process> for <clean> operation - send deleted files
pl-538 Feature Add <stop> stopping the build when certain <resource> is reached
pl-540 Feature Add <failOnError> flag allowing build not to fail
pl-510 Feature Provide an option to exclude ZIP entries when archive is unpacked
pl-430 Feature Add "ant" and "startTime" variables to Groovy scope
pl-523 Feature Allow to specify comma-separated <targetPath>
pl-511 Feature Do not filter files if they don't contain ${..} expressions when <filterWithDollarOnly> is activated
pl-513 Feature Support <destFilePrefix>, <destFileSuffix>, and <destFileExtension> when files are copied
pl-518 Feature Allow <zipEntry> and <zipEntryExclude> to contain comma-separated entries when archive is unpacked
pl-505 Feature Add support for <skipUnpacked> to skip unpacking if destination folder is not empty
pl-504 Feature Invoke <filter> and <process> even when list of files is empty
pl-502 Feature Treat <nonFilteredExtensions> for non-replaceable files as well
pl-543 Task <pack>, <unpack> and <clean> operations should respect <failIfNotFound>
pl-506 Task Set <dependenciesAtM2> to "true" when there's a single dependency to operate on
pl-514 Task Eliminate temp files usage when <filtering> or <replace> are used
pl-508 Feature Set localBranch tag in scm section.
pl-474 Feature Provide Groovy snippet support allowing to modify config XML after it is created
pl-532 Feature Git plugin support - "Advanced" branch options
pl-535 Feature Set default Maven goals to "-B -e clean install"
pl-534 Task Update Git configuration to <configVersion>2</configVersion>
pl-531 Task Split description table lines that are too long - Jenkins configuration screen becomes too wide

v0.2.3.4, October 17, 2011

Issue Id Type Summary Wiki
pl-456 Bug <updateArchives>false</updateArchives>: "about" file is not created if parent directory doesn't exist
pl-453 Bug Cleanup "Downloading/Downloaded" messages from "mvn dependency:tree" output
pl-455 Bug Fails if unable to start the "svn" process
pl-405 Bug Fails to create "about" file if ${} doesn't exist
pl-413 Bug Running "mvn dependency:tree" hangs with Maven 2 on Windows
pl-427 Bug Use "basedir.canonicalPath" when running "svn log"
pl-424 Feature Add "failIfNotFound" option <configuration>
pl-433 Feature Add "failOnError" option to not fail the build if any error occurred <configuration>
pl-408 Feature Add last commit log message
pl-443 Feature Add option to dump Maven properties <configuration>
pl-452 Feature Allow user to provide "raw content" to be written into "about" file <configuration>
pl-439 Feature Provide an option to create "about" file on disk without updating any archive <configuration>
pl-437 Task Provide Jenkins/TC info before system/env variables
pl-454 Task Remove "gitStatusProject" flag
pl-233 Bug <filtering>true</filtering> doesn't filter *.bat file ? Bat files are not filtered - use <filterWithDollarOnly>
pl-477 Bug Add support for <nonFilteredExtensions> <filtering>
pl-463 Bug Executable permission bits are not preserved after packing a kit into .tar.gz
pl-470 Bug Fail the build if <includeScope>compile</includeScope> (or any other filtered dependencies) retrieves 0 results
pl-469 Bug Filtered dependency comes from module's "dist" instead of local Maven repo, file name assertion fails
pl-127 Bug If unable to unpack (unknown extension) - doesn't do anything silently
pl-465 Bug Packing non-existing file to tar.gz archive does not fail
pl-473 Feature Add "/**" to directory <include> if pattern is not specified
pl-302 Feature Merge explicit <dependency> and filtered dependencies
pl-434 Feature Provide <targetRoots> property with comma-separated list of target roots Copying files to locations specified externally - <targetRoots>
pl-468 Feature Provide an option to avoid copying hidden files
pl-478 Feature Provide an option to control whether TrueZip or Ant is used for packing and unpacking archives Choosing between TrueZip and Ant
pl-436 Feature Set <dependenciesAtM2> to "true" when possible
pl-466 Feature Support "destFileName", "prefix" for all archives, "filemode" for tar.gz archives
pl-429 Feature Support "prefix" and "destFileName" when archives are updated or created
pl-441 Feature Support <dependency> "destFileName"
pl-442 Feature Support <replace> and <filtering> when files are packed or unpacked
pl-350 Feature Support for <move>true/false</move> when files are copied or archived Moving files with <move>
pl-451 Feature Switch to TrueZip unpacking by default Choosing between TrueZip and Ant
pl-467 Feature Treat "sar" extension as zip archive
pl-446 Task If some <include>s have no files matched - do not fail if others had files matched
pl-444 Task When archive is unpacked <process> should contain files unpacked
pl-460 Bug Empty <pom> element in freestyle job maven task uses pom.xml
pl-476 Feature Add CurrentBuildParameters option
pl-422 Bug Properties plugin doesn't allow to set property that is empty String: "" or " " - assertion fails

v0.2.3, May 15, 2011

Issue Id Type Description Wiki
pl-375 Feature Support "Parameterized Trigger Plugin" v2.8
pl-377 Feature Add JDK and Maven names to description table
pl-384 Bug Delete temp directories when plugin execution fails
pl-395 Bug Copying a file onto itself with a <process> fails - "Source and destination are the same"
pl-396 Bug <mkdir> for existing folder fails the build
pl-397 Bug Unnecessary <mkdir> + files copy - files are not copied
pl-383 Feature FTP "wget" download: print file download time in seconds
pl-394 Feature Do not display default excludes when archives are packed
pl-11 Feature Single "file" variable bound for <file> and <process>
pl-400 Feature Support "raw properties" to overcome Maven3 resolution limitation
pl-409 Feature Align properties set vertically
pl-402 Feature Allow properties verified to be placed on the same line, space-separated
pl-410 Feature Align properties verified vertically when displaying their value

v0.2.2, March 09, 2011

Issue Id Type Description Wiki
pl-299 Feature Rename "maven-hudson-plugin" => "jenkins-maven-plugin"

v0.2.1, February 25, 2011

Issue Id Type Description Wiki
pl-303 Feature Provide an option to update existing ZIP archive Updating existing archives
pl-324 Feature <description> tag to provide a resource description <description> reference
pl-27 Feature Networking support Networking Support
pl-315 Feature Add "verbose" configuration to silent property creation and not log it <configuration> reference
pl-326 Feature Provide a number of commands instead of a single command <configuration> reference
pl-328 Feature Provide a way to echo current directory <configuration> reference
pl-329 Feature Add <verbose> <configuration> reference
pl-330 Feature Provide an option to echo commands executed <configuration> reference
pl-327 Feature Provide a key-based authentication <configuration> reference

v0.2, February 02, 2011

Issue Id Type Description Wiki
pl-280 Feature Allow to unpack selected ZIP entries instead of the whole ZIP Unpacking <zipEntries>
pl-284 Feature Do not copy <dependencies> to temporal directory, serve them from the local Maven repo
pl-157 Feature <runIf> - accept "true", "false" <runIf>
pl-156 Feature <runIf> per <resource> <runIf>
pl-266 Feature Add "mavenVersion" to Groovy context binding "project", "session" and "mavenVersion" in Groovy snippet
pl-222 Feature "wget" support for FTP Downloading files - FTP with "wget" and <listFilter>
pl-263 Feature Add Commons-Net FTP file listing, not that of Ant Downloading files - FTP
pl-260 Big Fix "endOfLine" in <replace> - do nothing by default <replace> reference
pl-286 Feature Add <cleanEmptyDirectories> option for <clean>true</clean> <clean>
pl-80 Feature Allow to control or disable default excludes <defaultExcludes>
pl-278 Feature <defaultExcludes> per <resource> <defaultExcludes>
pl-214 Feature Add <encoding> support to <filtering> Filtering and replacing text files
pl-217 Feature Add support to freestyle jobs <job> reference
pl-216 Feature Add support to CVS SCM <job> reference
pl-177 Feature JDK name can be specified <job> reference
pl-20 Feature Default Git branch is "master" <job> reference
pl-231 Feature <properties> raw XML extension point support <job> reference
pl-232 Feature Add support to <authToken> <job> reference
pl-218 Feature Add support to NullSCM <job> reference
pl-168 Feature "Parameterized Trigger" plugin requirement updated to version "2.4" and new "ALWAYS" trigger option is used Supported Environments
pl-253 Feature Check generated config XML for strictness & validity
pl-292 Feature Add <shouldFailAssertFiles>, <shouldFailAssertEqual>, <shouldFailAssertEqualNoChecksum> <configuration> reference
pl-248 Feature Provide <assertEqualNoChecksum> for faster equlity check without comparing files' checksums <configuration> reference
pl-236 Feature Add File.directorySize() to <assertGroovy> <configuration> reference
pl-235 Feature Use Groovy power assert in <assertGroovy>
pl-295 Feature Add <locale> <configuration> reference
pl-294 Feature Add <startDir> Introduction
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