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Making WiFi work on Asus 1201N and Ubuntu 10.04

Surprisingly, after installing Ubuntu 10.04 Netbook Edition on a new Asus 1201N netbook it refused to see my home WiFi network.

Googling the problem brought me to this answer – download network card driver from Realtek and compile/install it manually. After running "make" I saw I have gcc missing. To install it I had to download 20+ different packages from and since I couldn’t connect this netbook to the net and, as a result, "apt-get install gcc" didn’t work.

To help other people which will encounter the same problem when they try to run Ubuntu on Asus 1201N netbook I’ve uploaded an archive with all downloaded packages and network card driver:

So here’s what needs to be done and what worked for me:

  • If "sudo apt-get install gcc" doesn’t work install *.deb packages by double-clicking them; your target is to install "gcc-4.5_4.5.1-6_i386.deb".
    More updated version can be downloaded from
  • "ln /usr/bin/gcc-4.5 /usr/bin/gcc"
  • "gcc -v" to make sure it works
  • "cd rtl8192se_linux_2.6.0017.0705.2010" after unpacking it
  • "sudo su"
  • "make"
  • "make install"
  • "reboot"

To boot a netbook from a bootable flash-drive (mine doesn’t have optical) one needs to change the boot sequence in BIOS, of course but it’s not enough. There’s also a need to tap Esc in the beginning to get a boot menu.

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