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Get TeamCity artifacts using HTTP, Ant, Gradle and Maven

In how many ways can you retrieve TeamCity artifacts? I say plenty to choose from! If you’re in a world of Java build tools then you can use plain HTTP request, Ant + Ivy, Gradle and Maven to download and use binaries produced by TeamCity build configurations. How? Read on. Build Configuration “id” Before you [...]

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Maven Plugins 0.2.5 – Artifactory Online, Maven Central!

Today I’m very excited to announce the availability of Maven Plugins v0.2.5! This version is not a regular update: it contains a great deal of infrastructural changes which I’ve been considering and working on for the past six months. Here it goes: My Artifactory repository has moved from to Artifactory Online at What [...]

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Maven build progress with TeamCity Service Messages

When you run a lengthy Maven build configuration in TeamCity it may be tricky to know what module is being built right now since all TeamCity displays is either “Running” or “Tests passed: X”. Luckily, TeamCity allows your build script to interact with the server using Service Messages. When you build script prints out the [...]

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Maven Build Dependencies

This post is the first in a series of three blog posts dedicated to build dependencies. Part 1 – Maven Build Dependencies. Part 2 – TeamCity Build Dependencies. Part 3 – Artifactory Build Dependencies in TeamCity. Introduction The subject of build dependencies is neither a trivial nor a minor one. Various build tools approach this [...]

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Maven Plugins v0.2.1 – re-written and open-sourced!

A “0.1″ release of these Maven plugins back in November brought a lot of attention to the project, which showed me that other Maven developers find them as useful as I do. Later, people started to send me new suggestions and open YouTrack issues which I had an extreme pleasure to work on. Version “0.2.1″ [...]

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Jenkins/Hudson Maven Repositories

Some locations to keep in mind when you work with Hudson: – Maven repository org.jvnet.hudson.main:hudson-war org.jvnet.hudson.plugins – War download – Plugins download Update After recent Jenkins fork the situation has now changed (many thanks to @abayer and @hudsonci for the info!) Jenkins: – Maven repository org.jenkins-ci.main:jenkins-war org.jenkins-ci.plugins – War download [...]

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New Maven plugins released!

Note, an update is available. After a lot of work I released version “0.1″ of the following Maven plugins: “maven-copy-plugin” is an alternative to Maven plugins like assembly, resources, dependency, and truezip. Its purpose is to make working with archives and dependencies very easy. It allows to copy, pack, and unpack files, archives and Maven [...]

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Neat Delicious trick – keywords combination

The real beauty of Delicious lies in keywords combinations. I mentioned already that Delicious is my #2 most favorite productivity tool. Within time I developed a set of the most frequently-used keywords in the right column that can be combined with tags in the left column: “hudson” – Mailing list – “ml” “spring” – Issue [...]

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Configuration Management position – can be done by anyone. Or can it?

Configuration Management was always my passion. Somehow, I have always had this thing for builds. I don’t know why, it just happens to be that way. Over the last 10 years I have accepted various development positions, but very few were actually related to CM. Occasionally, I accepted CM tasks for the joy of it. [...]

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Spring: Ant-like files pattern matching

Spring Batch job definition: “${path}/some.*” is right, I can guarantee that. Double-checked! So why Spring Batch complaints “No resources to read” and does nothing? Argh .. probably, has something to do with files pattern matching. All right, I was curious about Ant-like files pattern matching in non-Ant environments for a long time already. How one [...]

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