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Lion Video Conversion Tools

After recording technical sessions I visit on my camera, there was a clear need to share them on a reliable and controllable platform. Without thinking too much I started with Vimeo Plus as it provides a reasonable compromise between the price, storage space and overall control. In a way, I much prefer to pay and then have something to say (and demand!) rather than rely on free services, behaving on their own will.

My second issue was converting MOD files recorded by the camera before uploading them to Vimeo. Initially, HandBrake looked like an excellent solution as it compresses mods to mkv, my preferable format. On top of that it was free, which doesn’t happen a lot in the Mac world. However, I found out my camera starts recording new mod file every 60 minutes. To verify that and see if any recording is lost in the middle I recorded my digital clock for about 3 hours and found out no time above one second is lost. To merge the files I switched to Video Converter Ultimate for Mac which is more capable than HandBrake although it is not free. This application also allows conversion of mkv files resulting from the merge to mp3 audio so that people would be able to download the smaller audio files to their players. As a long-time iPod listener, I believe having a downloadable mp3 file is definitely a must for any technical session being recorded.

Another application I found for conversion of video files (to audio and video formats, including mp4 and mp3) was Miro Video Converter, also a free one but with a limited functionality. For instance, it doesn’t allow to control the compression quality.

At the end of the day, video converter from Wondershare is the one I use the most although I have all 3 of them installed.

One thing I wouldn’t suggest, though, is clicking the “Remember it as my default option” checkbox in the converter welcome screen as I found no way to switch the conversion mode later and had to reinstall the application to undo the default “Video” mode.

Well, now I have created my own “Technical Sessions” Vimeo channel (reposted here in “Video” category) where all sessions I ever visit will be uploaded to. The link to corresponding mp3 files is available in every video “Description”. Right now most sessions are in Hebrew but this will change next year.

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