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Maven Plugins 0.2.5 – Artifactory Online, Maven Central!

Today I’m very excited to announce the availability of Maven Plugins v0.2.5! This version is not a regular update: it contains a great deal of infrastructural changes which I’ve been considering and working on for the past six months. Here it goes: My Artifactory repository has moved from to Artifactory Online at What [...]

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Maven Plugins v0.2.1 – re-written and open-sourced!

A “0.1″ release of these Maven plugins back in November brought a lot of attention to the project, which showed me that other Maven developers find them as useful as I do. Later, people started to send me new suggestions and open YouTrack issues which I had an extreme pleasure to work on. Version “0.2.1″ [...]

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New Maven plugins released!

Note, an update is available. After a lot of work I released version “0.1″ of the following Maven plugins: “maven-copy-plugin” is an alternative to Maven plugins like assembly, resources, dependency, and truezip. Its purpose is to make working with archives and dependencies very easy. It allows to copy, pack, and unpack files, archives and Maven [...]

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Neat Delicious trick – keywords combination

The real beauty of Delicious lies in keywords combinations. I mentioned already that Delicious is my #2 most favorite productivity tool. Within time I developed a set of the most frequently-used keywords in the right column that can be combined with tags in the left column: “hudson” – Mailing list – “ml” “spring” – Issue [...]

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Artifactory REST API with Spring 3 RestTemplate

Artifactory’s REST API is something I was using quite a lot recently and would like to share my experience here. Normally, there’s no need to turn to the REST API when working with Artifactory and in most cases Maven, Hudson or TeamCity plugins are the only ones “talking” to it. But in this specific case [...]

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JFrog: To Build or Not to Be

JFrog’s “To Build or Not to Be” seminar was an exceptional one. Usually, there are very few events fully devoted to the subject of builds and build tools. Lucky us we had this one with so many key people of today’s build arena: Hans Dockter: Gradle, @Gradleware, Gradle Inc. Frederic Simon and Yoav Landman: Artifactory, [...]

Hudson and Artifactory Maven repository

For a long time I was sure there’s no Hudson Maven repository. I was wrong: Similarly, Artifactory: And Maven itself: Why would one want to get Hudson, Artifactory and Maven distribution through Maven? In our case, we create a Tomcat setup with Hudson, Artifactory and Maven already installed and configured, I’ll [...]

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Artifactory Online – the case of distributing Groovy++

After working with open source Artifactory version and thoroughly exploring it’s add-ons I knew it would come a moment to put my hands on its cloud solution – Artifactory Online. It just made sense to “close the loop” this way .. Тhe moment I’ve heard about online instance, running 24×7 without having to take care [...]

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Using Groovy++ with Maven

Note, an update is available. Groovy++ artifacts are now deployed in Maven repository at: and   So you can compile your Groovy++ sources with Maven. As in Groovy, where you pick up either groovy.jar or groovy-all.jar – you can do the same here: Use groovy + groovypp + asm + antlr + commons-cli: [...]

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Artifactory Power Pack – is it really powerful ?

We have been using Artifactory in Thomson Reuters (ClearForest) for more than a year now. My first Maven repository manager was Nexus – we were using it in my previous workplace. When I came to Thomson Reuters and started working on new CM infrastructures – I decided to switch to Artifactory, though. Mostly due to [...]

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